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Hi, I’m looking for reliable Internet at Utawala. Any reliable referrals apart from zuku?

Si ubuy tu airtel @ 250 per week, they give 70GB or something

AFRIQ NETWORKS SOLUTIONS very cheap, affordable and reliable. Am a stake shareholder. Promote local and you build Kenya.


ati 70GB

Hiyo ni mawe.speeds are shitty

dont be mean with information. kohoa yote

Price ranges from 2.5k-8k depending on your liking all are unlimited internet.

Hio iko kweli?

Used it last week. Dunno maybe it was an offer. Speeds depend on your location.

Uli confirm ni 70gb for only 250ksh?

There’s NO better ISP than ZUKU in Utawala currently. It’s either you go ZUKU way or go Modem way. I am using ZUKU’s 30mpbs package and it serves me right. I am around Tumaini Supermarket Utawala in case you need advice.

Can you get this on phone data plan?

I actually got it on phone data. Tethered it to all my devices. Laptops, et al.

Yeah. confirmed.

Shait, hio option ulipata wapi? Weekly unliminet ama? Coz naona kuna ya 250 hapo but hawajasema data ni kiasi gani

Thats 1GB not 70gb

tufinye wapi?

Kindly sreenshot the message

Safaricom Home Fibre

hiyo *400# ya safaricom huwa hawareply. its now one month since i tried with no response.