Home Internet providers

Which company is the best home Internet provider hapa nyairofi. Forgive my ignorance, chanua fellow villager.

zuku spans the largest geographical region but can be so shitty if you go for anything less than 10mbps
besides, zuku huwa wakora, if you check your internet speed at odd hours to see their best strenght you will realize 10mbps huwa tu around 6.5mbps both upload and download

safaricom is great very dope but i used it once and noticed it has short range of coverage, unlike zuku with longer ranges. I mean nikiwa kwa bedroom safaricom is weaker but zuku is stronger.
Zuku huwa na downtimes mingi kushinda safaricom
I have only used the two
wait for other reviews.

Zulu wako sawa

Shaka Zulu?

Safcom, excellent customer care and response. No downtimes.
Zuku utawatafuta na torchie after you call their customer care line.

Was with Zuku for about 2 years but was forced to migrate to Safaricom due to the former’s non existent customer care.

Sisi tuko hapo tunangangana na the abusive relationship.

Mimi niko faiba although i want to move to sufferingcon.

Zuku has a lot of downtimes, you will keep on plugging and unplugging the router to reset it everyday and calling customer care to solve issues with downtime,they have very bogus routers, even after installing a new one the problem persisted,the day i was given a Safaricom faiba flyer,my relationship with Zuku ended, no regrets with Safaricom, good customer service and they try to inform you when there will be a downtime, Once i checked Zuku twitter account, they told a client who complained about discontinuing their service because of connectivity issues to go-ahead and to return the router to them, Safaricom is having a field day stealing customers from them

Prices comparison?

I was using 30 mbps for Kshs.5299 and currently I use Gold package 20 mbps at Kshs.5699,but safaricom is more reliable,no downtime and their speed is good even if you have 4-5 people using net

Safaricom Home Faiba is best, otherwise I will go for a faiba mifi, Zuku frustrations will kill you before the ‘village brew’ does

Never had issues with Zuku, but the lowest I have ever used with regards to Zuku is 30Mbps and in most cases I am on 50Mbps.
When it comes to customer care, they seem to pick my calls more willingly as a 50Mbps customer as compared to someone I know with 10Mbps(we actually tested this). But there are times wanatuzimia simu sisi wote!! Like a certain weekend last year their net went down countrywide and the idiots told their CC employees to go home.

Am tired of Zuku. nowadays 5mbps doesnt work.