Home internet in Juja

Who can link me to a home internet service provider in Juja most preferrably 5mbps. Safaricom bado haijafika area.

Some parts of juja iko…we in k- road tuko connected.

mimi niko jkuat hapo gate c nilidial *400# hawakuwai respond nikajua bado hawajafika

boss hauna bahati coz safaricom ndio wanabaki kenya providing a bit affordable home internet. zuku are closing shop in Kenya.

Tafuta technician wa safcom ongea nayeye vizuri na utakua connected

Unaeza niconnect na any?

the network will still be there maybe owners will change.

If it is true that Zuku are folding up, they have themselves to blame. Their junk lies next to my TV in Nairobi, having functioned for a total of less than months after the 2016 Olympics.

It started with a special offer under-delivered, disappearing balances, very impolite and mistimed phone calls, hopeless helpdesk, etc.

Facebook is full of similar stories.

Faiba haihakufkia bado

Utanilipia 15k ya installation? Faiba is the best actually coz for 5k u get 30mbps but hio installation cost siezani mimi

You also have an option of a faiba mifi.
If you aint a heavy user its great.plus speeds are a plus but customer care sucks.

I can’t be looking for home internet if I’m not a heavy user… 25gb hio inaisha na less than 5 days

elder holla me 0791983383

Gener, Novia, Onspot… I can give contacts for 2 of those

Kenyarra road wanaweka mpaka lami

Weka rates za Gener na Onspot. Za Novia najua.


They are having a change in shareholders.Zuku is not going anywhere.

ni option gani hio ya 15k installation? coz ata mm nadai net na niko those sides albeit ndani kiasi,so what do i get with that installation?

Faiba home fibre you pay 15k installation whether neighbor yako ako nayo ama inatolewa from 15km away… So just contact them watakuinstallia…