Home Alone

I am the only member online…hanging out with some robots too while you were asleep…funny how xvideos and red tube can keep one up till now.


@Akeelah why you always up at night liking most of my posts but you never say something? Talk to me babe


@Akeelah is often online during these dark hours but doesn’t say a thing despite having that hot ass… Talk to us babe we are nice people.:wink:


Mi napita tu…

And I thot I am the only one who sees @Akeelah moving silently around the village

@Mkufuu when you go talking of the hot ass she be thinking we be perverts…she go hide deeper in the shadows

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Ndio kuamka ama what’s keeping you up?

I have searched @Akeelah 's photo on google search and there are no matches; let that sink in,it may be the real her,

sisi tumesha amka safari za weekend zianze

Jua ndo saa hii inaset

I know you love johnnie walker …you wouldn’t disappear into thin air if I asked you whether you are up drinking this late, would you? I hope she doesn’t go under… hard not to appreciate that fine ass but we ain’t perverted.

No I would not disappear inside the glass. I just wish they had a female name for JW…maybe I could call it Jane Waithira as in Waithira Toa Mimba Yangu
@Mkufuu what’s keeping you up?

Kwani uko which part of the world…or did you mean rise?

This tells me I should close these tabs, delete browser history then nitafute kausingizi… got to be at work saa mbili.

You are “night owls” as one says in my country.

ha ha…

vaseline uta maliza

SI mikono ina blisters? Umewank na cooking oil ukamaliza mpaka ukaamua kutumia baking powder.

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Lol! Iam a very reserved and quiet person.I only open up to people I know very well.But I love you all,you keep me entertained:) :slight_smile:@Ice_Cube Thats the real me;)


i like you

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I like you more:):slight_smile:

:eek::eek:@Ice_Cube have you been playing me Nicccur :mad::mad::D:D


Kamenuuuka…@Ice_Cube now see what you gone n done?