Hi Guys,

I will be on holiday from Dec 10th to Jan 3rd. I would like some advice, recommendations and so on… I am looking for a quiet place, not too crowded and preferably at the beach . An all inclusive type resort.
I’m prepared to spend about Kshs 300,000 to Kshs 400,000 on accommodation and travel to enjoy the end of the year in peace with my family.

Do you know where I can get the money from

Enda Global Garden Resort, iko Nyali Beach. Good service $34 inclusive of Breakfast is a good deal. Spacious rooms. I liked their service the last time I was there


Is that where he will get the money? Lol

I told you guys he is retarded.

kwani wewe ni mbunge? nmeona mps wamebreak leo watarudu january 22nd. ktalk birrionaires

Credit the source…

Kawaida ya watu kiherehere, doesn’t take time to digest what he has read or heard, kazi kurusha mdomo tu kama maraya.

Sere bonobos

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Kuna politicians wanapeana pesa kila wiki. Kuwa mobiliser ule asali

FB regurgitated nonsense

Wewe ndo uliweka picha ya ngombe imehata nyaus ikashoot njoti nje?

Who cares?? About the damn stale FB joke?

Wewe ni Ktalk birrionea tafuta form.

Mahali uliona hii post mbona hukutuwekea huku tuone?

Your issue si ati he hasn’t credit the source, it’s that he has copied it here before you.

As expected you are using your ass hole to think… unlike you I don’t just post shit for sake of it… this has been circuliting on WhatsApp and Facebook.


:D:D:D you are not answering the question bro. Iko wapi pesa.

Huku ni WhatsApp ama Facebook?

Ni kwa nyanyako…:smiley: