Ako Estonia recuperating

Sasa hawa hufanya kazi when

Huyu governor lives the life that I wish to live.

Another 5 lost years loading for Mombasa while socialite lives it up.

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2022 tunapea Joho president

They love him in 001 so it’s their money he’s wasting

ameenda kutafuta mercenaries

Tax payers money is not region specific. Its all our money he is wasting without tangable development.

its not their money he is wasting, its our money, last time i checked, county 001 cant fund its own recurring expenditure without funding from the central government who in turn have to go back to local and international borrowing to top up revenue deficits (read taxes) to foot the bill

Recuperating from what ama ni deal za mihadarati anaunda?

[SIZE=6]Spain: Russian Kemerovskaya Gang Leader Arrested in Joint Spanish-Estonian Operation[/SIZE]

[li]Published: Tuesday, 08 August 2017 15:49[/li][/ul]

Vyacheslav Gulevich – aka Slava Kemerovsky – the Russian-born leader of the Kemerovskaya gang, is one of the most influential organized criminal figures in Estonia, according to Crime Russia.

https://www.occrp.org/images/stories/CCWatch/daily/KemerovskyArrest_SNP.jpg[I]Arrest of Vyacheslav Gulevich, aka Slava Kemerovsky, in Mijas, Spain (Photo: Spanish National Police)[/I]

His gang is one of the oldest in Estonia, and also considered one of the most ruthless.

Gulevich was arrested on August 2 in a southern Spanish beach town while three other members of his gang were taken into custody in Tallinn in a simultaneous operation performed by the Spanish National Police, Civil Guard and the Estonian Police.

All four are being held on suspicions of international drug trafficking, although the Spanish National Police said that the organization “engaged in all types of criminal activity.”…


you stole my thoughts

githui niaje?

Governor wengine pia enjoy during their free time
inaitwa jeans and boots. A millionaire only party held next to Chris Kirubi’s lake . Only country music is played here as nyama is roasted.

Picture: Jeff Koinange and Anne Waiguru

Chenye unaeza pea yeye 2022 ni ‘like’ pale instagram…

I was at the event last Sato but one at Molito Farm Redhill

Two weeks ago he had been admitted in a top local hospital suffering from an undisclosed ailment

Ati Githui :D:D:D:D

Watu wa mombasa wakule kiburi yao