Ho'-T-'em Strategy: "play possum"

Explains the silence…


Fanya hivi eh, toa tu hii thread. Ng’oa. One elder to another.

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Previously posted? I’m not worried about stones…

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Before I yank this crap, is that woman really a judge???

bro,naona your support kwa jubilee is wavering, nini kinaendelea?

My fren, unfortunately I’m a former journalist. I am allergic and sick to fake news regardless of where it is coming from. It belittles the work we do/did an it is done and spread so easily.
My vote for Uk/Wr is as solid as a rock. Raila na zake ni bondo via eldoret!
Na pia I don’t have bad words for Maraga.:slight_smile:

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Nauliza kwa heshima mzee…o_O

I think nasty breath posted this elsewhere and we chambuad it kama fake news tu.
I honestly thought you had seen it

Well, if it’s fake, poleni. No I hadn’t seen it. Siku hizi you can hardly tell the difference between ‘tofu’ and ‘real meat’ until you ‘taste it’.

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Kassin, it’s not fake. If it is, it is accurate. :cool:

I ‘resemble’ that remark! :slight_smile:

Remedy ni ‘its fake until proven accurate’…ata leo si Friday until it proves itself otherwise:D

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