How do Kenyans with $20 million plus invest their money?

Which sectors & industries are they investing in?

How about cross border? Are they placing the funds Offshore then investing in Kenya or just park there and then move on to invest huko juu kwa juu

Would buying shares in Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Saudi Arabian Aramco, Glencore, and Trafigura be a good idea?

It depends on whether your wealth is legitimate or dirty.

Huexpect kupeleka pesa ya blood diamonds na poaching majuu bila scrutiny.

Anyway, I think only a person in those categories can give you a good answer.

Like Humphrey Kariuki, they invest in foreign citizenship and get dual citizenship and operate in countries with more favorable business environment.


International exposure is best. For example, juzi Ndindi Nyoro amenunua $200k worth of KPLC shares and it makes headlines. Majuu, hiyo ni pesa watu huweka kwa microcap stock and it cannot even make as an footnote on the company filings.

Hata mtu akona $1M hakuna haja ya kusumbuana na NSE ama rentals Ruaka.