Hivi ndio watu huingizwa .


This is in today’s DN

Ukitaka kununua nyumba nunua from first buyer. Be the second owner and buy from the individual who took all the risk na akagongwa bei.

Kuna estate najua residents would take 10 million yet walibuy 2014-2015 from developer at 12+ million. First buyers from developer ndio hunchinjwa

It’s the absurdity that you can rent a house 120k in Kitengela or Isinya to justify a high price tag

Let fools rush in and buy. After two years watarealize maximum rent ni 50k and will be willing to dispose those houses at their true value. Wakijua wamegongwa na developer that’s when to buy from them at a discount bila hekaya ya 120k per month.

There are whole estates in kitengela which are very beautiful but all houses are empty.hiyo 100+ k rent ni upuzi

there is no law against separating a fool with his own money

What you are all missing is that some clever developer is attempting to advertise their overpriced product in what should be an informational article. No need to guess that the writer went to bed in a full stomach.

Sometimes articles are sponsored, corporates do this all the time.

And the articles are clearly marked as advertiser’s content.

hehe return of 90,000 in a country where 60% earn less than 30k… that renter utangoja hadi uzeeke

Hapo hakuna kuingizwa ni kujiingiza mwenyewe!