Hivi ndio unajua unazeeka

Jana my S.African Babymomma asked me to help her with moving some unwanted stuff out of the house juu she is re-decorating (she had to kick me out first!) Anyway,in the spirit of “maturity” and in the hope that we get back in the future, i happily obliged and we are busy going through the stuff in the daughters bedroom alafu we come across this collection of old VHS videos from way back when in a box on top of the wardrobe and suddenly my 8 year old girl walks in and takes a long look at one of the videos and she very innocently asks: "What is this?" I brush her off and tell her that that is a movie. I notice that she is standing there looking astounded and holding the VHS video and then to my surprise she goes.."so how do you play it?" That is when it occured to me that i have a child who has lived "all" her life and doesnt know that before CDs we used to have VHS.
Enyewe uzee inakupata surprise… one day unajiskia kijana and then the next thing some shit like this happens and it puts everything in perspective.

Kutoka saa hii i will start collecting VHS players and videos,since this realisation nimegundua there is actually a big market especially on Ebay.

my first porn was on a vhs and it belonged to my friend’s parents,made in germany

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my first porn movie was in standard 4 10 years old…70s porn where every vagina was hairy…busted my first nut and have been hooked ever since…20 years later and am still busting all kinds of nuts


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now thate act porn

I nearly learned german from watching those old german porn kwa vhs na akina Ron Jeremy , I remember a friend borrowed one, in the middle of the action stima ikapotea, he had to rush to colle ( exams) hoping he will make it back before lights are back, when he got back he found the tape crashed infront of their gate matumbo sote ziko inje ! the poor bastard wondered around the estate for 3 hours before gathering enough courage to go into the house ! His father who had seen and destroyed the tape acted like nothing ever happened!


My first porn was also on VHS and, I was in class five. I borrowed some guy and used to hide it under the pillow then watch in the dead of the night in the living room when everyone was asleep.

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Hehehehehe. You need to graduate into a porn actor/producer.

Team kawasaki is the mother of all teams, The power of mother nature, its embed in our evolution.

Hehehe. Naona mawankers walianza ‘to take matters into their own hands’ mapema.

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Apart from chababa na mama, my first porn was in class 6, got suspended for fighting in class, nikanyoroshwa proper na deputy. Went home aftanoon nikaingia na backdoor, found our house help watchin it stack naked,fingerin herself, joined the hype.


Memories are made of this. Mimi kitu natafuta sasa ni Vinyl Disc Player. :slight_smile:

most likely he did not destroy it out of anger, but to protect his own arse from the wife who might have thought it was his


hehe na pia kucheza ile draft ya computer kujaribu kutoa madem nguo…the number of hours i wasted in my highschool ata msi imagine

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hahaha the sight of a naked woman in high school was heavenly. Dry spell ilipeleka an artistic friend of mind to draw very beautiful women in an exercise book using a pencil. It was our third rate porn when the “seen” magazine was not available. Uganda’s “Red Pepper” was the holy grail it had a waiting list of three or so weeks


Ziko on Ebay but getting ones that actually wok is key. If you are to buy one on the net make sure iko ndani ya original box.I would like to believe that you have a better chance sourcing one locally juu i believe there are people who still hold functioning ones and may surprise you with a record collection to match.
Mimi my i am collecting the vinyls and i have quite a collection going back as far as the 40s Black American jazz and Rhythmn and Blues upto ABBA and i hope to leave it as inheritance to my kids.
Hizi hazijawai funguliwa,ebay ni £25 at least.and i bought them for £1
Cheki hii collection ya vinyls za before…[ATTACH=full]4059[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]4060[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]4060[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]4060[/ATTACH]

Yeah! How did this degenerate into everybodys past sexual rendezvous? Anyway;Haki @ol monk ,si kwa ubaya but you had a really messed up childhood and didnt stand a xhance did you?
You need counseling,intervention and the Sonko Rescue Team to put things right… Woiyee!!! Good luck bro!

Hahaha you guy…again my exact same experience. …word for word.

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My first porn pia was on VHS i was in class six, i remember the title clearly was ’ big boobs’ it gave me hours long erection until i discovered vaseline could cure my Predicament.


Back inda day in primo i used to be an ardent WWF fan. Now kulikuwa boy alikuwa anaget those paper views on Vhs…tulikuwa tuna book to borrow those tapes…hizo zilikuwa enzi ya ultimate warrior vs hulg hogan na undertaker akiwa mtu mbad wacha sikuhizi vile ako msoftie. @kabuda i bet ukionyesha mjunia wako gameboy atashindwa hio ni nn navile we used to worship it same way guys worship Iphone 6 nowadays

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hehe “Ebony Ayes” was the phrase being splashed all over the tape when it was running. French Porn to be precise