HIV (Pengine) ni kubebwa ufala

The HIV tests (elisa and western blot) detect if you have hiv antibodies.
If you have hiv antibodies, you are said to be +ve!
If you don’t have hiv antibodies, you are said to be -ve!
How can this be? I think it is the only disease diagnosed this way.
Surely, if you have antibodies, it means that your body has responded to an illness, and created immunity against it.
In any event, there is no knowing whether the ‘antibodies’ detected by elissa and western blot are actually hiv or the natural human endogeneous retroviruses (hervs). even in the so-called viral counts, there is no telling whether what are being counted are HIViruses or the human endogeneous retroviruses.
Now, just because you have been found to be having hiv antibodies, you are told that you are dying (even if you are feeling very well and fit). And you are told that the only way out is to start taking highly toxic meds. Oh the things people do in pursuit of money…


No test is 100% perfect, if you are not sick it is important to do several test preferable after a mont or so. Or go for PCR test which look for the viral DNA

I never trust modern or traditional medicine. if its something serious, i die, if not, my body will heal itself. so far i’ve not died

Hiv has not yet been separated.

Siku hizi ukimwi haiko. Tumetoka mbali, sio?

Two problems: First, most people start ARVs on the basis of antibody tests alone. Very few go to the PCR DNA stage. Second, even with the PCR/DNA, there is no knowing if you are looking at HIV or HERVs.

Probably haijawahi kuwa. Zile vidoes tulikuwa tunaonyeshwa za ‘AIDS patients’ probably zilikuwa za cancer patients and tb patients.

Some conditions are real and treatable. Like ukiwa na malaria, you take artemisinin, na unapona.
Shida ya hiv ni vile imekuwa pushed through the media mpaka unakuwa suspicious.
So, una-advisiwa uende upimwe ukimwi, yet nobody tells you to test for diabetes, yet a diabetes test is a more sensible thing…

They check for low CD4 which could be caused by other diseases. The virus is necessary to get people to use condoms hence control population growth.

It is curious how just a few years ago, a deadly disease that had no medicinal cure ati now if you have it you only have to eat well and you get fitter than a fiddle!!!

Enda utombe mtu amekuwa tested positive for HIV na usitumie treatment ndio utuonyeshe practically.

Shida ya cd4 counts ni vile unapata msee ako va a very low count, na bado ako fit. Mwengine ako na very high cd4 count, yet he has very poor immunity.

:smiley: Indiscriminate sex is harmful at so many levels you should avoid it. HIV/AIDS may not be real, but syphillis is very real (hence why it there are no media campaigns about it, because nobody needs to be convinced about its reality) and it can kill.
So what i am against ni hii paranoia ya hiv aids.

How many cases have you heard of a long serving couple where one partner is +ve and the other -ve juu mi najua mingi.

There are so many people who are supposedly hiv +ve, yet they don’t take treatment and they are okay. You ask the hiv researchers, they tell you that such people are ‘elite super-controllers’. Always shifting the goal-posts.

Kama hutaki kutomba mtu basi tafuta sindano na HIV+ person umtoe damu kisha ujidunge mwenyewe basi kama huamini.

There are always outliers in populations, genetic variation and immune response is also subject to that…

Around 2017 mzee mzima confessed here he is HIV positive…wacha nitafute hiyo thread