Hitting a stone with a saloon car noise

On my way to Isinya interior today whilst driving a toyota Allion, I hit a stone in the underbelly of the car and dragged it for some time.

This producing a screeching noise.

Thereafter I noticed the below problems

Engine Noise especially when I press the accelerator, it’s like a grinding noise. The noise is like something is grinding on something or a part isn’t moving

The car moves but it’s engine noise is high and deep, like the way Subaru engine produce noise

Kindly help

Could be something as small as burst exhaust…or something as serious as…I don’t know

The exhaust pipe might have been dented. Thus the Subaru sound.

Pandisha gari kwa ramp chungulia chini ama ukishindwa pelekea makanika.

Are you a pink handler in reality? Coz as a man ukiskia umelima mawe anywhere near the sump, even before the noises utakua umesimama na kuchungulia chini. You hear funny sounds from the car and you don’t stop to investigate? Nunua engine/GBox mpya bila kusumbua

Abuy zote case closed hehe

Inaonekana hatajua hajui

No wonder there is such a dismal performance in kiswahili nowadays.
What are you trying to say?

It seems that he/she will know that they do not know

hehehe:):slight_smile: Thank you for all the advise.

I took it to autofit Yaya today morning.,already I had budgeted for(worst case scenario) an engine replacement of ex japan 200k, gearbox 50k and labour 20k total 270k

anyway, they raised the car and on checking its underbelly the exhaust pipe was loose, it was lying on a metallic clip . Fastened it and a few tweaks here and there and Voila, we tested it and it was good to go. No Noise.

Total cost Kes 1,500.00

Relieved and satisfied ready for this brand new week. Have a fruitful week

Toyota Allion…

Hizi bei kwa engine ya alion tu? Kwani how much did you buy the car itself? 4 million?