history is made

in a tough contest where uhuru Kenyatta was running against himself,
with the gsu Kenya police military NBC CBS navy Mungiki by his side
he managed to win by a landslide
his anxious fans didn’t sleep a wink
gloating how they own the kingship
something more of a birthright
counting every vote in awe
cheering on as dissenting voices are silenced by a bullet
fearing the worst in the one sided contest
that maybe just maybe they might forget and rig themselves out

yes that is Kenya for you
a country at its peak

congrats jubilee fans and UK on your well deserved victory.
the earth will keep on going round
good morning.

But a hatred seed has been planted in people’s hearts. It won’t go away anytime soon.

The hatred has been there Foolish youths armed with stones want to compete with live bullets??Why attack iebc officials???
Wakule ujeuri yao.Those who remained at home no one attacked them.Vijana wadogo waliojiskia sukari got their better match

RAT is just a sore looser since 1992…where were you then?

*Loser…at least get the spelling right when dissing someone.


it’s all fun and games until you are the one on the receiving end

1992? where were you???

Kama wajaluo na population yao kidogo wamesumbua mungiki hivi, siku this unholy marriage called jubilee itaisha si katanuka mbaya.

Thanks uncle grundy

Exactly probably you were not even born yet. The games RAT is playing supersedes you. He is from a different error, a different archeological age

Thats all you people do and think of…vita pekee…hamtaki peace kabisa. You will die because of all that bile

There’s something that’s perturbing about the youths in Luo Nyanza area. RAO clearly told them to stay away from the polling areas, do not disparage anyone wishing to exercise their democratic right, maintain peace and pray when launching NRM, but what did they do? The exact opposite. And when dealt with the arm of the law, come crying how they are being singled out. They claim there’s no police presence in Uthamaki areas. Why do you need police presence in areas where NO ONE is even thinking of violence? Why get angry at the Thuraku movement, why get mad at legislators paying bus fare to go vote? When the courts overturned the Jubilee win, it would have been natural for police to troop to Central, but NO ONE went out protesting in the streets, we just murmured amongst ourselves and the Kumira Kumira ta Thuraku clarion call was made, we chose to make our voice heard at the ballot drama free, in the most boring fashion ever, walk in cast your vote and leave.

my friend again 1992??? where were you??? do you even know who were the presidential candidates then? I’ve tried to give you a hint but being the dimwit you are I’ll let you be .
btw its era not error


Exactly, kuhepa swali nayo. Raila gave the exact same speech ati kimeibiwo and has been copy pasting that speech eva since. And i meant he is from a far and long gone political error, ERROR my friend.

Btw the video evidence was posted here


It seems you didn’t learn anything from the boycott yesterday. A good portion of the country is tired of being taken for a ride. Personally I’m tired of personality politics. Angalia kwa hii kijiji people talking about kurudisha mkono in 2022 purely because he supported our man. You can pretend all u want but know very well that tribalism is a big problem in this country.

Have u forgotten about the anti-maraga protests?

Tribalism is not the problem…illiteracy is, that is why rails will tell people not to procreate and they listen, that is why raila will tell people not to eat and they will do it, that is why raila will tell women to go and indecently expose themselves and they will do it, that is why raila will tell his hopelessly poor worshippers not to go to work and they will do it! I can go on and on and on but the bottom line is that illiteracy and not tribalism is the problem. Btw ruto has been an exceptional leader it terms of development, peace and cohesion.