Hio Gap Tinga Amegongwa Nayo ni Kidogo Sana, Italeta Mshike Mshike!

Ogopa Americans! They had foreseen what would transpire. Now that almost all forms are in the portal, the final results has shown that jakuon will be beaten by a mere 400k votes. This is a recipe for chaos. kisumu lazima mawe irushwe. hawawezi kubali kugongwa na such a gap. Anyway, that’s the final results: Hustler 51.3, tinga 48.11.

Bado Chebukati hajaongea

Arror kwisha :D:D:D


You are relying on Itumbi 's figures not American Intel… Seen opera news have monetized your propaganda on their site and they seem to be cashin in

I don’t see William Ruto reaching 7million votes at all, let alone “winning by a “mere” 400k votes”.
Anyway, it must suck to have to climb down from “over 70%” to the present bottom of the barrel scraping.
Reality is a stubborn girl, and she won’t go away no matter how deep into denial you sink.

The numbers I have given are the final results. Hustler amepita.

A well known deep state tactic is to count the opponents strong holds first, that way the steal margin can be somewhat believable.

Sawa sawa.
In my opinion, Ruto’s best case scenerio is 6,900,000 votes. Interestingly, that would still see him lose by roughly that “mere” 400,000 votes. Realistically, I xpect Raila to win by more than half a million votes.

Hii yako ni wishful thinking. I’m factual. It’s the final figure after tallying all forms.

All Presidential votes bar none were counted immediately the respective polling stations were closed. By 11pm Tuesday night, 90% of the presidential votes had been submitted to IEBC. By Wednesday morning 97% of the presidential votes were on the IEBC portal. What difference does it make in whichever order whoever decides to start tallying if all the results are already public?

Ha! :smiley: Because everything matters when magic is underway. Ever watched a magician perform a hat trick?
Because Raila has “lost” every single election and the only difference this time is the powers that be like him.

The only indication that kumekua na rigging in the last two elections is that this time the scientific opinion polls were actually right.

This has been the most free and fair election in Kenyan history.

Buda,sit down and watch…your Itumbi atawapa pressure

Weka hizo numbers hapa

juu raila yuko mbele, sio :D:D

Not really. The process has been very transparent and literally anyone can tally the votes mwenyewe if they are not convinced

Just take the L