Hii Umeffi na Threshold ya Kijiji ni nini?

There are some vocabularies in Kenya Talk ningependa kujua… Nichanueni!

Some ktalk lexicon

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Hapa si salon , hatuna vichanuo. :stuck_out_tongue:


How’s my favorite layman @Liberty doing?
I made the mistake of listening to “ave satani” and singing along.
Now I can’t get the darn song out of my head.

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Doing fine dear.

Listen to this instead and loop 10 times and the saitani will get out of your head.

An amazing choral. Am sure you have a similar voice.



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Hujaambia jamaa poa…

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What do you know! Worked like a charm and for ONCE I followed instructions to the latter. Sande sana.

I am an alto. :slight_smile:


:D:D:D hey its better than the chairs you guys welcome talkers with.



had to youtube that,darn,its soulful yet chilling in creepy ways:(:(:(:(

Very…especially if you listened to the one by the Gregorian monks…I love it in a forbidden way and I try very much to skip that track when playing their chants.

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Gregorian chants are the best ever.

I could give you a high five right now!!
…its pretty hard to find someone who enjoys the chants. You have made my day.I have all the chapters.

Mr. Pseudo calls it wailing.Hates it to the core.

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Love that.

You can find some of my favorites Gregorian melodies (31 tracks), Simplicity of the heart (20 tracks) among others (if you don’t have this titles) at the Catholic Bookshop, Holy Family Basilica.

Some of the albums I have in my music library, real original CD’s and not downloads.


Oh ,I listened to the Tenerife film ochestra and choir,i’ll give the gregorian a spin.My neighbours’ suspicions of why i don’t do churches will be put to rest([SIZE=1]insert diabolical laughter[/SIZE]):D:D:D:D;):wink:

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Thank you padre.
I will pass by the bookshop on Sunday .
I think I will attend mass there…its been awhile since I was at holy family.( read kidù 20 years)

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20 years!

The bookshop is managed by Daughters of St. Paul, hence it is open from Mondays to Fridays 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and on Saturdays 09:00 am to Noon. Sundays closed.

Thanks for this. I absolutely loved them ,considering the fact that I love star wars to the core…hahah.

Fcuk the neighbors.Do your thing. :wink:

Yeah I was fifteen.I remember clearly .
(Of course I meant that specific diocese)
I try to attend mass a few times a year though but I take my kids religiously so as not to influence them.
You will find me at the parking lot.
(can I blame my dad for that?)

Anyway, about the bookshop ,I can always send my neighbor. He is a very active member there.

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