hii ujnga ya sataafrika isifike huku priss

dance craze going viral,hii si kichaa? from office folks to freakin’ goats [SIZE=1]watu ya bandos poleni[/SIZE]
beats sio mbaya though


Ni kwa mugabe

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Ni kwa mugabe
No it’s South africa[/QUOTE]

Link ya hio song priss stylezzz

This ama gani?

Warias did it before. Pioneers.


Millennial’s and generation X are a whole lot of weirds

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Its a afro beat song from Botswana. Guy singing ‘if you leave me i will collapse’ it has been a hit for like 1 month. Just one of the many good African songs.
Sung by King Monada

Just like Kupe fever which was there 2 months ago



Not really…when we won the Prescott cup, the team captain and the entire first 11 went to the admin quadrangle and kicked the ball up throne the guys said, ‘bomb!’, when the ball hit the ground we would drop like 90kg sack of warus…this we did 3 times


My bad…I assumed it’s South african since he works with Dr. Malinga a lot


We give Humanity way too much credit. Most of it is extremely retarded.

:D:D:D:D:D:D saitan

…saaitan! Mara ya pili wewe ūkwenda wekwū… @Meria Mata wíkū:D:D:D

:D:D:D:D:D:Dshait…brare noogle

:Dmakanika aremereirwo

Nilikuwa kuconnect sound system kwa social hall, there was a youth event, kawaida ya teenagers lazima watokee mapema kufanya covert mission ya enviroment. Tukifanya sound checks nikaanza kuona watu wakianguka, wanasimama tena poof! Chini…sasa ndio nashikanisha

Some things are just retarded. Nakumbuka nikiwa kanda ya moko ya DJ Fulani, every time we would show up for an event, cretins would show up to witness the sound check. Let me just say I saw some of the most retarded dance moves in my life. Yutmen in Ill-fitting clothes dancing like they are possessed.

And they get all psyked up na kupiga nduru haziko. But we all went through that phase. We used to show up with baggy clothes and 50cents tshirts back in the day