Hii ufala itaisha lini


PC Samuel Njoroge with the deceased Anne
Wanjohi, The above guy a gsu officer shot and killed his girlfriend on Saturday word on the street is that jamaa alikuwa anasomesha dame college and also he had opened a cyber cafe for her in town vile Dame aliona mashida zake zimepungua akaambia jamaa atembeze kiatu she doesn’t love him anymore, jamaa being a cop used his gun to kill her and attempt suicide now sijui when will men ever learn kama si bibi hapana poteza pesa kwa Dame kwanza hii upuzi ya kusomesha dame, kwanza pea yeye mimba akuzalie watoto kama watatu before investing on her


@The Perfectionist please tell us

Been there, done that: Not good :cool:


Hii kitu imetuwesa


The guy was right

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Na invest kwa watoto.

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Some men are generally slow

Hawa madem nikiona sura I go straight hadi miguu unaona contrast.

Pole kwao


Guy did what he say right. I support him.

He has succumbed to death.

Ate waaaatttt???!!!

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death was trying to arrest him, he was resisting arrest but finally he gave in. He succumbed to death.

The guy was a Ki Ombitho person and had anger management issues, I know both of them and I will post their Facebook profile here… Jamaa was a ghetto guy with some entitlement issues… Note the relationship was not more than 3 months.

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It’s not yours, it’s just your turn. Can’t remember which talker said that


The murdered lady.


The killer


The killer brother, note the self entitlement…



Wouldn’t take a life or my life for been played. Why would I throw my life away over someone that doesn’t love me.
Not worth it

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Apparently he knew her longer he couldn’t have educated and opened for her a business in just three months.

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Where did u get the Muchene? Wacha Umama… the lady was working in her sister Cyber cafe and awaiting to go to college.

Hata wewe ni saloon brigade?

With such psychos near PORK, all jakuon needs to do is spread false allegations that uhunye is having an affair with their girlfriends…


jamaa looks like those gaza gangsters