Hii series inajiita sense 8 mnaiona aje?

Hii series inajiita sense 8 mnaiona aje? its too western for my enjoyment



hehehe.made in hell. some scenes are too disturbing. the good thing is that they didnt associate Kenya with gayness

hahaha, now days kila series iko na ushetani, umewatch American Oddessy, iko na kagay, other news ni Tyrant is back sn 2

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gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay arrg gay!

see this. na muwache kuduplicate threads

Tunaiona na macho.

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The Plot is a cliche so there was nothing new. Watched all of it though. The guys licking ice cream on the opening scenes got me like eeeewwww everytime.

There is definitely some ongoing Hollywood ‘affirmative action’ of ‘ensuring’ that there are always gay characters somewhere in the storyline of each and every production.

Just look at the latest edition of Entertainment Weekly magazine below (FYI Laverne Cox is a tranny). Which makes u wonder who really created the Shaniqwa character LOOOOOL!

Wacha watawatch hizi vipindi mpaka waache kuwa so homophobic!


So that lady used to be a man, now she’s a female with a man tool?

Junguz won’t rest till we all become perverted and demonic as them…

As Eddie Griffins said television programs are for reprogramming the viewers…


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NA BADO! Who’s next??


Dude you’re here unasema eeewww then you criticize??? Faggit!!

A manly synonym, pronto