Hii Picha Imewekwa Kwa One Of The Threads But Mmekataa Kujibu

my answer is B

ngumu sana

A and Kawasaki

eating a fish eishh

A has endless possibilities.

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Definitely B won’t survive on land…

Unawakilisha #TeamHadiKwaMkia

A. she has nice hands and a mouth she should put into good use

B- Cover the face and fire the base. I would choose a warm puthi over a mouth anytime.


Plus it must shit through somewhere ama?



Wazimu wa Mathare wamefunga shule![/INDENT]

“Every body that has a booty has a coochie” - Notorius BIG

I have been convinced A it is

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B without hands?!! Afadhali A, sweet voice ,sweet kisses e.t.c. and boobz

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The fish mouth will bite you from ecstacy, aiiih hiyo apana.

I Prefer the cosy soft warmth of the bosom.Enough to take me to the floating foggy featherlike dreamland.

kuma anytime


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Hmm, either way, sex is on the beach or in a lagoon somewhere, so who cares right?

But with a gun to my head, I can’t imagine I’d stay sane after seeing that fishhead blink, so A. It’d be fun, plus I can just imagine watching her slither or waddle or whatever off every other time :eek::D:D


with B after you cum there’ll be nothing left to do. atleast with A you can have a conversation after a blowjob, handjob, boob fuck and any weird shit one can think of. so A it is.

B any time, who needs a nagging bitch on a lonely island, unachapa vitu alafu unajipa shugli.

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