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The most publicized relationship between a village boy and a lady from a wealthy Indian family has come to a drastic end.The union between Timothy Khamala and Sarika Patel received massive media attention and the couple got a lot of goodwill and were even offered jobs at a local sugar firm.Sarika Patel’s parent were against the union and had made several attempts to get their daughter back home.

She is accusing her Ex Husband for harassing, insulting and mistreating her.
Sarika claims that when she got sick her husband never bothered to take her to hospital and he has been abusing her physically.

She however regrets defying her parents and getting married against their will and now hopes that her parents will take her back.

Her father has given her conditions for her to be accepted back home.
Sarika fears that her Asian community will not accept her back because she did not listen to their advice.

The problem started when Sarika fell sick and her husband did not take her to hospital but instead told her to call her family and take her to hospital, when her brother came Khamala told her that that was the end of their marriage.

Sarika first met Khamala when he came to work at their family business in Webuye and the two fell in love and decided to elope.

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Ujinga ni? Khamala

Kama hauna kitu ya kusema hapana fungua mdomo hapa, rudi shule ukakamuliwe mkia.

My take: she had gotten married coz he broke her virginity. Period. But after she started sampling other d*cks at Nzoia sugar, she now knows better.

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sasa ataenda wapi coz am sure grip iliisha kitambo?? :D:D:D

I can imagine how much she will be ridiculed and frowned upon akirudi nyumbani.

Stupid Luhya man, instead of eloping with the mhini angecheza chini ya maji as in ange endelea with a secret relationship. Kumpiga maji and in return the mhindi angekuwa anampea pesa. I know a mkamba house boy who chapas ilale bibi ya mhindi who is a house wife. This mkamba upatiwa pesa and gifts kama jewellery juu bwana ya mhindi is a jeweller. Mkamba ame invest kwao ocha amefungua duka ya whole sale

huyu hawezi fanikiwa, hio biashara lazima ianguke…bahati mbaya hufuata mtu ukikula bibi ya mwenzake.


sio kila kitu iko google


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apa nimekuja kuona coomer imagine cjaona any

karibu HKM C.E.O.

apa nimekuja kuona coomer imagine cjaona any

thanx highschooler nime land kama fudhi za wanderi

@Tommy Lee Sparta hahaha huku kuna mentioning brathee… B-)

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vip kunaenda vipi?

@ol monk wazi hii kuenda kwa VIP is vipi? cjajuwa kunavigate fiti