Hii nikule nisikule...

[ATTACH=full]2836[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]2837[/ATTACH] Good morning all of u despicable, spoilt and minimally talented brats. I have resisted 4 so long to stoop to your level (malicious, ill-informed condescending cunts)but then she came along…she, just wont stop flooding my whatsapp with nudes. N since u usually purport to know it all, the time to use ur brains is now…what do i do with her? If u insult me, i will hunt u down, kill u n rape ur daddy


Jifunze kuweka full picture kwanza nikifikiria vile nitakutusi.

Kwani anaishi cowshed ??

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:rolleyes: Chapa Kitu!

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hiyo camera ni VGA ama

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Hizi nudes amekutumia, nani amezipiga?


Úria nyúkwa.

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Ask your mother.

Which level are we at? Because you aint at our level yet.

So u rape people’s dad’s? Sere

I didn’t mean to insult you- you should know me better. Was just translating what choice 4 means.

So you like raping old men you psychopathic cunt?

N i thot u guys were smart…If it was questioning i needed, i know my way 2 integrity centre.

hizo ndio hua zina beba ukedy


if i pass by ur place u please don’t lock up ur daddy…

I promise not 2 touch urs…do not tell on me

Ukikula usikule, itakuwa na manufaa gani kwetu kama Talkers?Boolshiet!

kiondo kwa wall


It seems somebody got unresolved daddy issues, did he molest u ?.Did daddy touch ua little weenie penis and play with it while u were little ? ? ?

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