Hii Niko sure hatujasalimiana

New catch[ATTACH=full]281365[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]281366[/ATTACH]

Be proud of your wife, wachana na maranye

Siku moja mtu atawekewa sister yake mdogo hapa. That will be quite a scene.

Ama bibi yake. Ngoja uone.

TALKER 1 : Tumesalimiana wangapi majamaa?

TALKER 2: Please just remove… aaaah admin please just … no, this cant be. Admin please…

TALKER 1: What is wrong brother? :D:D:D
Do you know her?!

TALKER 2: Please pull this thread. Out of respect please. Tuheshimiane please. Admin please please!! No no no.

Or even worse still … daughter. :D:eek::eek:

Mnajua mnazeeka tu. Ngoja 2036 ifike. Clichy a replace babake hapa.

Hio itakua bibi ya @Panyaste★

The years are flying like a mother. A lot of fellas here have young daughters, some are toddlers today. And Ktalk will still be around for a few more years.

Naona mambuyu hapa wakipelekana pale central police.

POLICE :Yes what’s the problem?

TALKER : Ni hii website bwana afande… naona wameniharibia mtoto.

POLICE :What do you mean?

TALKER : Nimekuta wakiulizana … (starts shedding tears)

POLICE: Pole mzee. Jikakamue. Jikakamue mzee.

TALKER: Wameulizana… wameulizana… wamesalimiana wangapi kila mtu akainua mkono hadi Atwoli!! Hata admin amesema ameonja…

What ‘up’ with her left leg?

Weeeeh mali safi .tupa contacts tusalimiane buda .iiiii kitu sio sabuni . Apa 3k mara that that

Or her left side. Coomer iko hiyo side

Low mileage

Hii nimeiona tagged

Kwani ako na shida ya miguu


Try again, bro still looks like high millage but in compared to lanyes then yes it is low millage!

Fuck off man

Cheat code ya ku~enlarge ass

There cant be shedding of tears in such scenarios. You hunt down whoever posted the pics and insert a bullet in their ass

This one I’d swipe left on Tinder

Looks like a natural, basic and low maintenance woman. But awache hio grasshopper pose

@Chiefguest ulimsaidia na hio belt ama

Kunguru ya Tagged #timestamped for reference[ATTACH=full]281405[/ATTACH]