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I impregnated my daughter by mistake,KRA official tells court By Jane Wetei - May 16, 20190 Share Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest A KRA official who unknowingly impregnated his 15-year-old biological daughter eight months ago has apologized for taking advantage of her.

George Mokua told the court that he only realized he had been having sex with his own daughter the following morning as he had been drunk like a skunk the previous night. “I found her lying on our matrimonial bed. I thought that was my wife and immediately dived into doing the unthinkable with my own blood. She was young and I think she could not resist whatever I was doing to her. I am sorry for the fact that I didn’t even bother to confirm whether that was my wife or not”

Mokua said amid tears. He said he initially denied impregnating the girl because the information would ruin his reputation as a KRA official. During the investigation of this story, Mokua also threatened to hunt down, assault and kill this journalist. However, he recently apologized and agreed to speak about the ordeal. “Let me apologize for threatening to assault and kill you. I was confused at the time and didn’t want people to know the shameful things that I did.

I know what I did was wrong,” said Mokua. His daughter, Ndori, told reporters that she wasn’t aware of the next step to take as she feared her drunk father a lot. She said her biggest fear was giving birth as her child would become disabled because of all the things she heard about children born of relatives. “My other problem is how will I tell my kid that his grandfather is his father? That also worries me,” said Ndori. Facebook Comments

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Bullshit, it was not a one time act


This is sad…and @shocks is right, looks like it wasn’t the first time…some men don’t deserve to live…That poor girl’s life has been destroyed.

Hakusikia hiyo grip ya senyeste ni tofauti ?