Hii ndio real dynasty-The Wallenberg family

The Wallenberg family


Lakini @Sambamba unapenda pesa sana? You really relish the thought of being rich and wealthy. Kila mtu akuite boss master.

You guy my guy si you jua…

You guy my guy si you jua my new range has very sensitive climate control. Si you jua my guy me I only roll with 22 year olds. So I was telling my boy Rex the other day how the new BMW is voice activated but the guy doesn’t gich these manenoz that’s his shida.

Hawa jamaa wa Scandinavia huwa na mahine poa sana. If you’re in the Technical field, you know you’re cooking with gas, when you work with their products, especially with matters to do with precision

You guy my moti needs some new leather seats and a new sound system boss surround. The damage was kujaing kendu 700 gees but that’s nothing to a murio like me.

Maybe ni miaka yake, it’s free to dream.

Nimejaribu kutafuta Nakamichi Shockwafe 9.2.4 Nairobi sijapata. Might have to call my contacts in London wanitumie. Alternatively I’m thinking of getting the Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar and pair it with an SVS PB16. What do you think?

Sambamba anapenda pesa sana because he is a connoisseur of the fine things in life.

He works very hard and smart to maintain his high society lifestyle. Luckily, he had won the ovarian lottery so the basics are covered so he started from a very comfortable base.

BTW my sharza are doing really mzoori so it’s just a time I order that Cayenne I was talking 'bout. Trust me I’ll be chewing those Limuru bends like that 22 yr old strath chile of mine

:D:D:D Unaniangusha mjamaa!

Mbirrionea wa ukweli hasemagi “I am looking” juu tayari unajua haziko Nairobi. Huwezi zipata River Road… ziko Cape Town au Jozi au London au Dubai or Singapore.

A real mbirrionea husema, “I am currently in London purchasing…”

Or I am in Cape Town , you gich my guy?

Prefferably, ungesema , “You guy my guy, the Nakamichiz have fikad my guy. There’s a photo of the receipt plus my signature, currently just setting up. You guy my guy the sound is moto, today the neighbours won’t lala coz of the mad soundz I’m releasing you guy my guy. You guy my guy I washa this sound system and the panties just fall off the 22 year old yungin!”

Wewe @Sambamba hapana chokoza patricia,hapendi kusikia connoiseurs of fine things in life wakizungumzia pesa yao. Usijaribu kupanda ndege uende hio UK or you will never hear the end of it:D:D:D:D

Wewe ni wale mnaendesha Audi A6 mzee with parts from the junkyard. Windows don’t roll up. Drivers seat stuck angled in one position. Engine Check light permanently on. Fuel gage stuck on E. 4 different tire manufacturers. Heater don’t work. Liability coverage month to month. Just so you can say you drive German. Ati you don’t drive Toyotas. Tunawajua nyinyi.