Not funny son of a slave

Simp. You tell her to stay there and never come back.

Which pill did he take ?


:D:D betachieth simps

Hapa una leta dem kienyeji Safi kumshinda halafu enda job. Utapigiwa simu uendee ukamue kesi.

I actually watched this story, this guys’ wife died almost 20 years ago… he was just recounting the “funny weird” moments he had in their relationship

Wicked people don’t live for long

Reminded me of a Beta Male whose wife ran off to her mums…he bought oversize women panties that evening and aired them out for the nosy neighbours to see in the morning… needless to say they told her about it…she was back that afternoon

:D:D:D wacha kuita kiongos beta male…huyo ni GENIUS


Yeah, I watched this story

I concur…

his wife died

Gassia :D:D:D

total simp. i would have sold even what we had in the house, buy mkeka. akirudi namwambia arudi kwa sofa.

that ain no simp my G

Thats female manipulation and those creatures looooove that…!!