Hii mask imefika vumbistan?



:D:D:D:D:DLeo mumesema nikufe na kichecko…waah huyu naye ana roho. One of the cashiers at my local supermarket wears the real PPE mask that Drs and Dentists wear…which cover your face fully with a glass looking thing. She looks like a big joker among her colleagues who wear ordinary masks like the rest of us mere mortals.
Tutajionea mambo na hii Rona.

Things are just getting crazier

Unaweza pata she has an autoimmune disease where she can’t afford to get sick

In which case she should not be out serving us. The BoJo gava caters for them at home with a lot of money, job is secured, food /cold or hot is delivered at their doorsteps…morgage payments extended under a holiday scheme along with other utility bills like heating, elect, water, council tax, service charge…these are even cancelled for some. NHS is free so medical bills are out of question.

I was only commenting on how ridiculous some of these masks look day by day. Your vibe as always is devoid of any humour.

Makasiriko ni ya nini. Haikuwa vita

Who is angry? certainly not me. You usually just nit pick my threads, inject a v negative vibe and expect me to not respond. It was meant to be a humourous thread until you butted in. Like now I just told you where the ill are in this nation. Not out there serving the rest of us!!!

BTW what I did not say is that she is of Jamaican origin and most are dramatic and v high octane on most occasions.

Damn…u have some pent up issues.

Don’t hype yourself dude…pls don’t for your own good. Just that I don’t care for old posts else I would go digging your responses. You have just done what you know best. Trying to make this thread about me. Wooi nihaku mwande.
No pent up issues here coz I always put you in your place and you don’t like it. Shindwe.

Ebu put some piks of some ridiculous masks you have come across to compensate for your derailment ukikuja hapa kunihubiria about matters immunology…hahahahaha.

Air filta:D

He is making sure that the air he breathes in is extra fresh

Maybe ako other comorbidities which make him/her high risk to catch severe covid 19

I already responded to this above. As long as she protects herself and us…tuko sawa.

People are watching a lot of crazy movies and trying this at home.


Ntatafuta hii mimi [ATTACH=full]335912[/ATTACH]

Corona issa ferking scam

Hii ni kali joh!