Hii list tunge-fiture hapo Congo iko kama kenya ingekuwa western pekee

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Why are people obsessing over penises. Too huge penises utakuwa unagwarwa and your thing will always be black and blue. Msichana pia atakuwa anascream akienda kukojoa. Especially with DF without protection of the rubber. I havent heard of a place where women choose men because of their penises, but money? yes.
Alafu this needs to me moved from “General”

wewe tulia, wacha sisi turinge

Sometimes size does matter and no amount of money can change that. Trust me on that.

Sisi teamPatco tuseme aje?

It’s obvious, kama dem ni mtaro ama majimaji lazima atake a big dick.So before generalizing consider the state of your pussy.

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Some dicks are really huge and can make a lady develop cystitis. On the other hand some are Team Patco which makes one appreciate own fingers… Why am I talking about these stuff early in the morning saa yenye watu wanaomboleza Wanderi? I need deliverance.


I thought you said you are a virgin?


@Ingia money will make you desirable but after several sex sessions she will start getting delusional, have money and deliver the vagina to the promised land, now that will be a package


Of course I did:)


I agree. It shouldnt be too tiny. So is the biggest/bigger than usual the best?




the guy is your typical hillbilly, from the truck to his pose

wait til ya woman gets it from the big sized men…ndo utajua kuchapiwa ni siri ya ndani

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Kaliii mtu wangu

yeah… which hole are we talking about here??

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Tropical climate seems to endow individuals with sizeable manhoods.

Tunaomboleza kifo cha omwami wandera na nyinyi munaongea tabia mbaya.

mutsakhulu hivi ndivo sisi huomboleza