Hii Kenya yetu jameni...

[SIZE=5]Prisons reject recruits who scored C+ and above[/SIZE]

YOUTHS with minimum university entry grades of C+ and above and those with KCSE results slips were turned away yesterday at the Kenya Prisons recruitment in Bukhungu Stadium, Lurambi, Kakamega county. Many of the youths turned up in large numbers after failing to join the National Police Service two weeks ago.

Sixty recruits were selected from Kakamega county – 48 men and 12 women.

Recruiting officer George Njoroge said many failed to secure a chance in the service because of the age limits, failing to produce the original academic certificates and national identity cards, and having high KCSE grades of C+ and above.


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thats kenya for you. wale wasee hujoin police force wakiwa graduates wanafanyishwa kazi ya constablea yet wanafaa kuwa rank ya inspector

huyo hapo ni DFHKMBLBHNKN

we need bravehearts in the forces not intellectuals,

wanataka mafala ndio wasipitwe ki.cheo… si unajua the more you are learned the more unaupgrade…

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Hata ya kws rangers. Watu wa C kuendelea waliambiwa wamepita sana. Watafute kazi za ofisi

It’s a funny country this one. In almost all other fields we insist on merit but on security which is perhaps the most important job, we throw merit out of the window.:frowning:

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In this age security is not about brawns but brains…this is the information age…these mistakes will cost us dearly.

@luther weka education level ya kujoin US ARMY,

so you need a B+ IN ORDER TO FIRE A RIFLE

We’re facing east, remember?:wink:

weka ya china basi

With Obama coming in July,we are confused as to which direction to face. Maybe we should face the heavens!


And Kenyans act surprised when a bunch of four alshabaabs(graduates) butchers more than 100 citizens,holding hostage a campus for more than four hours???