Hii dunia ni kama inaisha.

[SIZE=7]39 year old Nathan Larson is[SIZE=7] pro-incest, pedophilia, and rape. He is also running for Congress from his parents’ house.[/SIZE][/SIZE]



We Africans are the hope of humanity. Everybody else has gone crazy and trying to bring their satanic ways to us to corrupt us

You need to review African traditions properly.

This is just a publicity stunt, no one’s voting for this guy.

He’s own party disowned him and basically sent him a fuck you letter…


Richmond, VA, February 28, 2017 – On Friday, February 24, 2017, the State Central Committee of the Libertarian Party of Virginia (LPVA) voted to censure party member Nathan Larson and began proceedings to expel him from the party. The member is attempting to gain ballot access for the 31st District House of Delegates race as an independent candidate.

“Nathan Larson does not have and will never receive the Libertarian Party nomination,” states LPVA Chair, Bo Brown. “He espouses many archaic and dark ideas that fly in the face of libertarian philosophy. The Libertarian Party believes in equal rights for all people. No matter how he attempts to rationalize his opinions, they are far outside the realm of the Libertarian Party Platform. If he persists in his campaign for office, he will find that his ideas and previous writings are considered repugnant to the people of Virginia and rightfully so.”

“The State Central Committee of the Libertarian Party of Virginia voted on March 26, 2017 to expel Nathan Larson as a member of the party. The motion to expel passed unanimously.”

Pedophilia is not acceptable in any African culture that I know of.

Tembea Kenya…heard of early marriages at 14yrs.

I’m yet to see anybody stand for political office with such satanic ideas.
Have you ever heard of NAMBLA? Read up on it

Women in African traditions were married in their mid 20’s ?

Republicans hoyee

NOT being accepted doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen all over the country, especially in those deprived areas e.g slums etc. What is accepted and what happens are two different things.

Hii dunia utakufa na uiache hapa,acha upuss

Hizi ni swali za aina gani unauliza? Do you know there was a time 14 years old was considered adult? Ama you’re just trolling? In Kenya you’re an adult at 18

Being accepted and not accepted are world’s apart.


Hebu mwuulize. Good question that one.

Maasai na walalo bado wanaoa 12 na 13 year olds. And their political candidates often run by promising the community that they will do all they can to preserve such practices including FGM.

Now imagine you have just been FGMed , you are not even mature enough to give birth i.e your hips can’t even carry the baby… and yet here you are impregnated by a mzee through sheer pain and finally you have to give birth through that tiny, butchered orifice.

Hao wasichana ndio wanajua uchungu ni nini. Followed by a lifetime of fistula if you survive giving birth. Fistula brought on by giving birth too early and assisted by an untrained midwife.

And because you stink of fecal matter all the time everyone abandons you to die in the bush alone. These are the African traditions @Yunomi loves to defend.

I repeat, it must be nice to live in such delusion that facts dont matter.

It’s acceptable in some corners of Kenya, tembea Nani.

Vitu kwa ground ni different

Where is it

Show me where it’s acceptable to the point of having somebody running for political office on that? I bet you will not respond now. Who’s is in delusion now

Maasai and Walalo political candidates run on such platforms that they will protect bad cultural practices like early marriage and FGM. Early marriage ni pedophilia.

Early marriage is just a nice word for pedophilia.

this is a nut case not the norm. Fact is paedophiles have a better time in Africa than in the West in terms of being accepted and in terms of consequences.

The reason I think they engage in this more than anybody else is the wazungus go overseas to molest children. NAMBLA is a organization that was created there.
Catholic church fathers
Too many cases to mention

:D:D ati sasa huoni comment.