hii 'cut' ama 'chicken' its given Uhuru a mileage

“From the aforementioned figure, Mrs Ngilu allegedly is going to get a kick-back of Sh 65,000,000 once the deal is through,’’…from todays paper

The day i see senior politicians named in these scandals being interviewed in Jail by Dennis Onsarigo #CaseFiles ndio nitaamini…otherwise hii ni P.R.opaganda

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Old monkey mlikosea na nani?sema ulikosea,mimi niko sawa hapa kwa jubilee

The only way out is to better our own self(woteva puts meal on the table)…let the politicians play their dirty games.

Wtf! Angonga alitoka lini?

Isorite, although he bought his way out I believe that watu wa KTB are toeing the line. Let’s assume the current shenanigans are baby steps in the right direction.

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my politicking ended when someone joined kanu, leave me be to fend for my family.

Kanu has never left government. In fact, its the currrent government.
Fisi ni zile zile tu.

Mezeni wembe[ATTACH=full]2861[/ATTACH]

How much do we n

o better our health care services.

With all this pessimism muhame Kenya Mwende Timbuktu

Let the politicians be, i dont eat or shit politics, najifanyia kazi to fend for myself, the day they will interfere with my livelihood ndio nitashughulika

If the likes of Nabutola are small fish, then what are we? Ama sisi ni sea weed.

If the likes of Nabutola are small fish, then what are we? Ama sisi ni sea weed.

You can never escape politics because politics must affect you. I am a completely oppositional guy who dislikes democracy, communism, corporatocracy, imperialism, monarchical systems etc as we know them. I am therefore unable to support the current system or any remedy given to it. I favor something called Libertarianism, capitalism, atheism, secularism.

dirty games worth billions,
when I grow up I wanna be a politician