Highway to heaven! Son ‘buries his father in a £66,000 BMW

[SIZE=7]Highway to heaven! Son ‘buries his father in a £66,000 BMW in Nigeria because he had always promised he’d buy him a flash car’[/SIZE]


A Nigerian man has buried his father in a brand new BMW instead of a coffin in order to see him off in style in the local village graveyard.

The wealthy son, identified only as Azubuike, lost his father, to old age but according to local reports had always promised him one day he would have a flash car.

So after he passed away in the remote village of Ihiala, Nigeria, Azubuike is reported to have splashed out £66,000 cash on a car from the showroom to bury his father in.

According to NAIJ.com the son lost his father recently and decided to honour his father by buying him a luxurious car for his final journey and placed him inside.

Locals quipped that the BMW is equipped with Sat Nav to help him find his way to the pearly gates.

Some of us will be buried with fire extinguishers and a boner but hatusumbui.

How thoughtful of him. Nigga will reincarnate as a Beverly Hills brat.

Plot twist: He sacrificed his dad’s soul to the devil. These nigerians will do anything for money. He does’nt know that the devil cheats u to sacrifice one family member ati hio tuu for money. Kidogo he(Devil) asks u for another family member after another. Stay woke. Devil worship sio poa

Ever wondered why it’s only poor countries that have her citizens doing outrageous habits . I’m sure the rich BMW Germans can sue this brainless African

Please use Ksh or $.

Hatutambui currency ya declining imperial powers.

if this was kenya hiyo gari haiwes lala kwa ground siku 2.

Typical dumb nouveau riche African ideas. An airhead living in a shithole full of poverty, buys a Germany car and dumps is in the ground! Someone with some brains would have even built a local library and named it after his father, that way, the fathers memory will be kept a live for a long long time! And he will bring some enlightenment to his community!

Look at what the wealthy in the west do! Na si ati huko kuna overwhelming poverty kama huko boko haram land! Africans are their own worst enemies!

Kuna aka small section of the Brain this turd is missing.

kwanza Itafika kwa grave bila side mirrors

cue the grave diggers

engui ,kuna chochote chako kimekuwa buried?meffi

Meffi son…so he had to wait till his father was dead so he can give him a car? It’s just a chance for him to rub his wealth on the local villagers…stupid

Why is it that the daft humans are the ones who get extremely filthy rich?! Honestly!
Look at some of our governors even…
Life’s unfair.

Mavi wwe

si we unakuanga rich pia mbona una complain?

Nani? Mi ata siwezi zika mtu na vitz.

Cheza na piaggio yani Tuktuk… :smiley:

oga! You sure this not afrocinema?