@Highschooler, SPORTSPESA

How do I load money to my sportspesa account? I have had it for some time but never played the betting game. I want to load 100bob and see how it goes leo, have done some research on the teams I just want to try my luck out. I saw on another thread you once played it if am not mistaken @highschooler

we play it all the time…lipa na mpesa, bill number 955100 account number 2547XXXXXX(ur number) pin then send…it will load into ur spesa account…start betting (single ama multi)

sawa @Mwenyewe

how does this go, how much does one win. more info priss

what I know is for the jackpot a bet of 100 bob can win 5.7 Million, @Mwenyewe how do the single and multi bets work?

depends on the bets uve placed…kama ni multi u cant go past 20 bets at a go

single bet is where u place a bet for a single game then confirm…multi u place several bets (not more than 20) and confirm…note that the amount to be won is dependent on the odds

Single betbif a team imepewa odd ya 1.50 then ishinde your money will be multiplied by that odd. Eg if you staked 100 then itakuwa 100*1.5=150. Kwa multibet wataongeza odds za all teams umeweka n if it wins ur money will be multiplied by that

@Ice_Cube ushajibiwa hapo juu

Elitebet ni fom pia kama.huna pesa mob :smiley:

Royal Kenya Bets iko poa pia. It’s easier to use - just download the android app

This is my first bet, nimerusha mia moja kwa shimo. This is by bet sheet. Hapo kwa MAN UTD NA MAN CITY I may have been swayed by my allegiance to Manchester United