High Madness

When I was in high school, I was anything but innocent. But one escapade made me give my life to Christ, temporarily. I schooled at Ngobit. A rural school in the hot dry plains of Laikipia. From the name alone, you will agree passing was a vocabulary unheard of, and discipline was as rare as anti-matter.
So on this specific day, we had gone to a nearby village to purchase everything illegal. From, chang’aa, cigarettes, busaa and kangumu, nothing was off limits if it was on demand. By instinct, we had decided to cross through people’s shambas and abandon the chochoros, a well informed decision as through the hedges, we saw the deputy principal hiding on the roadside in ambush. Jinga yeye.
So, as we worked our way through blackjacks, something caught our eyes. A grave… An unmarked grave, or if it had been marked, then the headstone had long withered away. Bangi ilituonyesha we should find out who the tenant might have been and we embarked on uncovering the grave. It was those graves where a slab of concrete is placed on top. After like one hour, we had established that the tenant was one Mr. Carnick… Probably a white settler who had died many years ago. We left with all the contents of that grave… Including the bones… And like heroes we were received. The skull we used to stop girls from accessing the dining hall. Other bones to scare female teachers from accessing our dormitory to inspect. It was fun kicking a white man’s skull like a football in revenge for what they did to our grand fathers. Till today, they still use the bones in their biology lessons…kids owe me a specimen

are you now a full time grave robber?

Ile moto inakusubiri jehanamu wewe…Huyo mzungu anaioongezea kuni.

moto sana


Kali sana

Ni kama kwa better call Saul.
I think the first episode. No spoilers kwa wenye hawaja watch


I tried watching this but it felt flat compared to breaking bad. Does it really get interesting?


wtf man,… bunches of retards

Story safi kabisa

I’ve watched only 2 episodes

hahahahaha…day made

I swear by the avocado tree behind my mother’s kitchen

I am looking to revisit my steps…who knows, that’s where my breakthrough will come from!

He he he… In one hours time u had reached the tenant…mmmmh with no jembes nor spades.
More power to you!

I expli

I explicitly stated that it was that kind of grave where they place a slab of concrete on top. Instead of soil. Read brother, read

sa kwani mabones zilisena jina ama ilitoka wap

You should go back and give the dude a proper burial Ngombe wewe . You never know what kind of a person he was. Hio curse it will follow you and your entire lineage.