hide whatsapp online status

Is there a way of de-activating the online status on whatsapp yaani unakua chini ya maji
I would have tried whatsapp plus but am reading online that the original whatsapp is tracking the plus users and banning them…
Nb am rooted and have lucky patcher

have seen those updates kwa torrents and from the comments it seems to work

Junkie you really need to teach me about this torrent things

lipa deni mwanaume

Imei go to settings then privacy…

Sio madeni unajua team mafisi lazima ucheze safe my woman amecomplain ananiona online
Halafu anoana typing halafu anangoja message na haifiki

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Tig hio inatoa tu last seen

Wewe ni wannabe fisi

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Asanti sana

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Oh, i have been using whatsaap plus for months now.

download whatsapp reborn( kitu kama hio) kwa torrents iko poa. had installed it on a android phone

weka OG whatsapp ama whatsapp Reborn

kunavenye unaweza set hadi lastly seen ikue kitamboo


am using it and it keeps crushing ,na inakula bundles