hiccups ukilewa

Imei having served his country with honor and dignity for the past 4 months is given a deserved break however this hiccup mazafaka wont allow me to enjoy my stout i.e 1859 arthur guiness I have tried all methods to get rid of it in vain …How do yu talkers manage it? Dr luther saidia hapa

If its a must a drink ,use the other mouth i.e. ua ass…

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Water water water. One glass of beer, two glasses of water.

try wanking…always works for me

Kunywa maji, or just hope to see a chiq resembling your EX, huo mshtuko will clear the annoying hicup

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Gulp a glass of h20 holding your nose tight, thank me later

I haven’t had hiccups in years. Is that normal? :confused:

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breath in deep, pinch your nose and hold breath for as long as you can . when you feel you’ll burst something release nose and breath out slooowly…

slowly insert three carrots into your ear and nostrils say pukupaka three times while releasing a huge fart…you will now be getting orgasms


:smiley: :smiley: pukupaka ni gani tena?

Good info, used that on my kid for 3yrs. En it worked, badala nishtuke, I transfeered to her

Are they present throughout or only when you take alcohol?

hiccups ukilewa means what to you? Luther bonoko

How difficult is it to answer a simple query without resorting to cheap insults?

try drinking from your glass placed on the floor with all holes closed. I mean like this n thank me later.

Lamba jivu moto ;):).

ndauwo amezoea kukunywaa damu… hawezi shikwa nayo

kwani @Owuadn is our lost Ndauwo?

yeah the name is reversed