Hey admin

nice job.:slight_smile:

@NightCore == @matterCore sana

Meffi thread!

@SledgeHammer i can see you are using multiple handles, are you trying to avoid punishment


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Hii ni red handed hata si blue handed.
wewe ni ghasiaa sana

You closed the other warning thread before I could give my input.
Can you open it for a bit I make my comment then close it?

@NightCore = Dim eyed mboch ya Admin

Are you not breaking your own rules by revealing information about your users?

Anyway, nice job kuchangamsha kijiji.

admin banaa ungewacha tu osha mecho ikae .

Soft core underskirt porn is eligible.

No, even with a letter of consent.

I’ll post something that will bring your clicks up. A nice ebony teen with a voracious appetite for cock.

haja reveal kitu mehn

Hapa ni kupiga kabat RKO going fwd