Hessy wa huruma services needed


:D:D:D:D:D but at times i give it to thugs…for me it takes courage to do that.heh mimi siwezi…

Woishe that poor woman got the fright of her life. While the dude in black is just cool. I hate to imagine but I would’ve shit on myself right there hehe :D:D:D:D:D

I hope nobody was hurt.Ambia Hessy apande mbegu tatu tatu kwa hao washenzi



Huyo Dem amevaa panty ya black.

Wee kwako kila mtu ni dame,huoni huyo ni mama


Ok dude sitting in jacket wins trophy for calmest kenyan…he doesnt fear shit

Poor woman. Is the camera pro thugs? It seems to capture the customer so clearly whereas I can’t make out the thugs features

those guyz had visited that place before.they knew where the camera was…it was calculated.

he is in on it, ata yeye akule copper

Ai no. Probably too shocked. If he was with them, then he would pretend to be the most scared

VC, you’re starting to think like Hessy now? Go ahead and shoot an innocent man while at it. Sad

kuna kitu kina @imei2012 na @kiLo- wanaita Reconnoitering.
thats what this baga was doing, sending msgs to his buddies kuwashow coast is clear kujeni sasa.

very old man detected

The two customers are very relaxed

:D:D:D:D:D:D but the thugs gave them no reason to be scared…not even once did they point the gun at them.very professional of them.they dint even frisk the customers.they were just interested with the mpesa shop

Been through that by a gang of 4 with two armed with guns…that ordeal is no fun