heshimu mwanaume

its now 2 1/2 years since my cousin did away with 350k ,money that was a loan that his wife had secured from kwft…but the juicy part is coming

 as we speak my cousins wife is residing with us ,reason,she is confused on whether to be happy or angry....am sorry but my wife is equally confused

 the story started sometimes back in 2012,when the lady got some money to buy two cows(@each was around 150k) from kwft,she withdrew the cash planning to deliver it to the owner while the rest was to buy feeds and the like.her husband of 12 years was by then a tomato broker at karatina market earning like 2k a day,well,they lived a good life,i used to visit them and we always say,they were managing,when evening came,the lady(jane) noted kamse was missing,when she checked the cash,it was also missing,days turned into weeks,then into months,and lastly to over 2 1/2 years
 As a prodigal son returned home,kamse returned home,only that he is driving a voxy,and looks well taken care .kumbe,after stealing his wife's cash,he went to nanyuki,and got some land in the interior part of samburu,...by then he says an acre was 15k,he got several of them,then built some cottages targeting tourists and those johnnies....the lord blessed him and today the dude is making profits of over 300k every month,and he owns a 3 floored building in nanyuki town although its a loan from the bank

Back to our jane,after that, kwft took away most of her things when she could not repay her loan,she suffered alone and now she is torn between anger and success,the husband used the cash well,but without her permission…when i asked my wife for her opinion,she just shook her head and said…“somethings are hard”


people are weird

Enyewe 2.5 years ni nyingi.Na stress ya ku service loan, probably reduced her lifespan due to the stress.

huyo mwanamme awe hanged by the balls on the nearest acacia tree for causing misery,


The title is misleading… If he was successful why was he not sending money home?

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hii ni story ya ukweli ama nikujitungia:eek:

It sounds true. The last time I was in ngobit and lamuria an acre was going for 20 - 35k. Like 2 years back.

i personally think the dude is right…correct me if am wrong

Its very hard to understand this people,being there ånd experienced.

The wife z just being naive…hiyo ni script ya naija movie…in real world u dont just kam back after 2n half yrs and worse stil u have been few kilometres away all this time!

3Floored building ni nini?

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Ati you said he went where? Nanyuki? Wewe unajua Nanyuki?

Kwanza waende VCT.

i think wanaume wa siku hizi wamekuwa wamama…surely times have changed

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Very interesting item, lakini huyu si mlevi kama others from that region.
Ktalk ideas on what 1 can do with free 0.5m r welcome.
Fruitful ideas will be handsomely appreciated.

Unaishi mtaa gani?

Joska on kangundo rd.

Huko tunafanya agricultural 4 nrb mkt

@Circledot start a separate thread…stop derailing this one.

look at it this way,when abraham was told to sacrifice Isack, he never to0ld Sarah…why?..be cause he knew sarah would not agree…this is a dude who knew what 350k would do for his family,and he had no cash…and the cash bearer would not buy this golden idea…a man gonna do what a man gonna do


Kama iko along kangundo road fungua club nitaleta wateja,in btw wewe nimkisii coz settlers wote wa joska ni wakisii.
Huko tunafanya agricultural 4 nrb mkt