Heshimu married ladies wanavumilia Maisha ngumu

Wanaitwa wanaume. The moment you get their kid be ready for anything. You are immobilized and he now has all the power and you are the one who needs him. It’s game over, you are now completely at his mercy. Poleni wamama but God will bless you for all the sacrifice you have made to put up with alot of suffering for the sake of your children. So painful aki. Thank you God uliniepusha na Hawa species of Adam and their never ending drama. Women need to be close to God coz the kind of men our here wengi ni mapepo sent from pits of hell to cheat you and use you and then leave you with loans and a single mother. Hata wameolewa church how many have been left. Trust a man at your own risk. That’s why we say Bwana ni Yesu, a friend in this world is Jesus. Give Him your whole heart, mind, soul, spirit, liver, lungs and kidneys. Kila kitu but a man never even if you get 15 kids. Never put your trust and hope in a man. Only Jesus. You will live a heartbreak free life.


Anyway after suffering in the hands of men, this lady now knows who Jesus is and will never take Him for granted or put any other human beings before God out of the tears and frustration she went through she’s now a gospel singer helping those who are where she was before she realized she had reached her end and needed God to take over. God works all things for our good and to make us ministers to those behind us.