Heshimu Mama:Fistula

@Purple ulipitia haya? Ama we ni team CS


Mums are there to be respected and loved.There is no price tag for what they go through to bring us into this world and to raise us up.
Kapoti ulisemaje ile story ya ku nipatia nigware. I respect you as mum/to be but nadai kugwara aka ku bite.

It’s unfortunate how dehumanizing fistula can be… yet it’s easily fixable; only that the old Mama in the village has no idea how to get the requisite help.

I know the lady. Wacha niseme Tu hizi foundations zina mullah.

Was she sick, ama she’s just milking donor fund?

@anon46421834 acha kujifanya, wewe ni member wa gey community. Tafuta @Uwesmakende umguare.

She was sick.