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A few years ago, I used to be horny as fuck and would smash any woman that interested me, even if remotely.

It happened that I was transferred to the small town of Thika where they thought my skills were much needed, a fact that I cannot dispute.

To pass the time and kill the newly imposed loneliness, I would frequent the various drinking joints for sundowners which translated to night vigils over the weekends. This would translate to some takeaways for my weekend enjoyment.
These takeaways appeared to be content with the guaranas, black ices or even the then emergent snap. We used to call them panty removers as once a lass partook of 4no. She would lose herself to you and the cue to your action filled night would then be her incessant open groping till you felt embarrassed to remain in the pub. You just had to take her home and give it to her.

A few weeks into my stay there, I had made a few friends whom we would now party together.
One Friday afternoon, a new friend Kama* called me inviting me for a drink up at the now defunct Club Zinc which was situated at the first round about and across from Shell Petrol station. This was the “it” club that competed with the then famous Brown Bottle and Porkies upstairs. Club Image was there but I didn’t fancy it due to it’s location given that I was still a Shoebaru fellow.
I disliked Image because coming back to the other side of town was tricky as you had to risk passing through thieving lanyes or risk getting arrested for loitering.

Once I was out of office, I joined my friend Kama at the designated location. I found him with a chocolate complexioned lass, both enjoying some frothy drinks. It is important to note that by then, most revellers were yet to acquire a taste for whiskeys. Smirnoff was the only brandy /whiskey that was a bit popular and it was mostly liked by those that wanted to pinch pennies.
Kuchafua meza was the beloved mode of drinking by many. For me, I used to order my pilsners in double as I loved club hopping. I didn’t want to be tied down to one club and miss out on the fun. TMI

Before we proceed further, I would like to inform you that this lass had an average looking face but a figure and a smile to die for. I noted all these before I got inebriated. As per the norm, my friend was sitting adjacent to her so my reserved seat was straight across the small table. Introductions were done and we continued to have our fun as we chatted and shouted the night away.

In the course of the night, I started noticing that the lass was ever looking at me and directly engaging me a lot, sometimes even ignoring her guy’s hekayas to chat me, with her beautiful smile in place. There was a time when our friend had gone to the washrooms that she asked me to dance with her, presumably to keep sleep away but I declined as I did not want to antagonise our friendship, noting that she hadn’t danced with him yet.

Our night of fun went on well and we later decided to cross over to brown bottle which is just a few meters way as you exit the town.
By now, it was around midnight night and were already drunk.
As we walked to our new venue, we psyched ourselves by singing our age old circumcision songs not caring that we had an uncircumcised girl in tow. She greatly enjoyed our show.
Within no time, we entered our new joint where we found the place lit. Revellers were every where dancing to then hot EDM. That was my genre and as they were assisted to get a table for three, I was jumping up and down as the energy in the club was over the roof.
Once I saw them sit, I joined them and I ordered a round of our posion.
Within no time, I was on my feet moving to the beat at the dance floor which was near the centre of the club. As I was looking left right and centre hunting for a chic to hump on, I felt someone wrap hands around me and start grinding on me. Turning around, it was my friend’s catch.

This time round, I didn’t care that she was my friend’s company. I pulled her close to me and we danced the night away, taking occasional rests when a song we didn’t fancy came up or to simply keep our mutual friend company.

My friend Kama was not a fan of dancing and he was content watching us and others dance. He loved nodding, thumping and all to rap songs as opposed to actual dancing.
I also think he was satisfied with the fact that I appeared to be warming his bath water. When I saw his drink run low, I threw him another pair of his tuskers. This was to ensure we continued partying.

At around two in the morning, we decided to call it a night. Since it was very late, my friends thought it unwise to let me go home alone. They invited me to Kama’s house.
We took a taxi which dropped us off at his section 2 house. I could have simply taken a cab to my section 10 house which was relatively safe but I heeded their advice and followed them.

Once we arrived, Kama alighted first and proceeded to open the house as I was left paying the cabbie. The lass, whom I didn’t tell you is called Wema, was just standing by the car waiting. Once I was done, and as I was about to start walking up the stairs, Wema urgently asked for my number, which I gave her. She then beeped me and we walked up the stairs quietly. Her action did not escape my attention.

By now, my friend had already entered the house. I bid them a goodnight (or morning) and I went to sleep in his spare room as I was well versed with the house.
As soon as I lay down, sleep engulfed me only to be abruptly woken up by the stealth opening of my door. It creaked just a bit. My eyes were still heavy but I managed to open them. At the door was Wema, fully dressed in her yesterday’s attire.
I looked at the window and saw that it was already morning, probably 9am, judging by the intensity of sunlight.

She said a soft good morning while intensely looking at me, with a slight smile, figure so imposing.
It is then that I concluded that the girl was actually very beautiful.
My morning erection was on an I caught her staring at the covers at the exact spot it had formed a mound. She smiled shyly. I smiled back.

While still in bed, I reached out to her and she gave me her hand. I slowly pulled her to the bed and she obediently sat on the edge, next to me.
We looked at each other with longing eyes seemingly evaluating the risk.
I threw caution to the wind and kissed her as I fondled her breasts. We loved it. We enjoyed our kiss for a minute or two and I decided to drop my hand beneath her skirt, caressing her thighs softly as I slowly moved my hands upwards towards her coochie.

Once my fingers reached there, she greatly shivered and I felt my dick tickle.
As I felt and twitched her clit, we kissed deeper then suddenly…

Never Happened[MEDIA=giphy]5qFQhkgXQ3XQKb1x5h[/MEDIA]

i was going to give a like and comment “Nice hekaya!”. Reserved for now.

Ooh noo not this shit again

Huu ni upuz

this never happened and never will. hii ni upus mtupu. na since hii ni 2020, pliz promise huu ujinga utatupilia mbali tafathali.

This is a true hekaya FYI

Malizia basi na uwekee images za “Wema”

i ate a chick called wema from a college in thika , kunguru sugu , she had a guy but got f*cked by anybody … same description as yours labda ni yeye !

NV, hapa its either you give your hekaya fully or it never happened.

Leta hata sketch au drawing ya huyo Wema hata sisi tumjue

Brethren, be calm. Even a book has chapters. Last part loading

Hahahaha. I can see guys who have greeted each other.


… and then you woke up. :slight_smile:

So because it is spiced up by great details you won’t believe bit ever happened