Heshan de Silva

This guy took us for a ride…
Had Jeff Koinange, Julie Gichuru, Madowo et al bending over backwards for an interview.
Turns out kama hakuna picha ya mabillions, ni hekaya tu.:stuck_out_tongue:


am sure nigga had pussy chasing him like he were a rat; but it still will, he is famous :rolleyes:

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Why would cats chase a nigga? Them cats must be racists.#Innocenceblondeness

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:smiley: innocence is bliss

Niggas here can be mean af, I watched Lilian Muli doing an interview over the weekend and was smiling alone like crazy when I remembered a talker said Lilian can start flippiing her bean right there on set while interviewing a celeb, damn!

Huyo ni mwingine alijikaanga na mafuta yake mwenyewe…his reputation has been ruined completely.

Hehehe…@Mathice you just plain nasty.

Larry Madowo said “Davido has been banned from the #trend”…i almost choked on my FAXE 10% alcohol Beer…Am sure Davido’s behind hasn’t even healed from the French kisses Larry had to give it for him to appear on that show…Larry =Muli

I dint know u were a producer too.

Huyu de silva alijulikana aje…na vile alikua ana floss

Ktalk has producers?

His lies weren’t syncd properly. Versions didn’t check out. Plus, when you seal a 2.4bn deal, chances are at least Wikipedia ought to know you. He should have quit while still ahead.

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Hehe…i guess he wanted to fake it till he made it.

Heard he was selling a book on how to become a millionaire and he had also organized a workshop where guys were supposed to spend money to listen to him.

Hahaha damn…nafaa ninunue digital box sasa. Seems am missing out on some juicy info.

Anyway nilisema kwa klist that most of these people lie through their teeth about how they acquired their wealth