he's not even top 50 richest person

[li]john tra[ATTACH=full]4781[/ATTACH] volta’s house[/li][/ul]

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damn…this nigga is living large…

Dafuck…lakini utapata maskini ako kibera analala usingizi poa kumliko.


Vile @Davidee amesema ni kweli, u might be extremely rich but yet feel very void inside.

I want to be a scientologist, then an actor.

this is how the private jet terminal was before the big fight.[ATTACH=full]4783[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]4783[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]4784[/ATTACH]

mimi nataka hiyo pesa simind kuwa “void” inside


Careful what you wish for bruh.

Yeah man. how can I be void?? someone please?? Its easy and cheap for me to go sleep soundly in kibera, but I find myself and everyone for that matter, including kibera people, trying to run away from sleeping soundly there.

Hiyo mali yote lakini the guy plays in njamba’s team.

akikufa bahati mbaya atawacha mali yote huku

I used Google Image search to verify…

Boss money is not everything but the only thing,the best things in life come from money.even ladies

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On this Earth, money means everything. Just because you dont have money doesnt mean it isnt a good thing. Everything, including women, nice houses, good medical care, comfortable life, power, the bility to say something and see it done, all come from money. A person with money isnt as insecure as a pauper and definitely sleeps better than the pauper.

labda pesa sio kila kitu and it wont buy me sleep…lakini i would sleep better in kitusuru, westie hivi hivi, in a gated secure estate than i would in a mabati shed in kawangware

Money answereth all questions

This is how poor people console themselves

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The bad thing is when you are that rich and you are team jamba. Where is the fun?