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Prof. Makau Mutua: ‘I will never refer to Uhuru Kenyatta as the President of Kenya’ http://goo.gl/OPWNe8
Prof. Makau Mutua: “Uhuru Kenyatta is not the most popular president in Africa” http://goo.gl/yCClB4

Prof Makau Mutua: “This is how President Uhuru Kenyatta cleaned up evidence against him at the ICC” (hapa akasahau nakutaja Uhuru as prezzo)

  1. He said he gonna commit suicide if uhuru gonna be Kenya president… after akaenda chini ya maji

#sn- Mutua’s balls told us that Uhuru and Ruto would never convince their tribesmates to form a team.
The balls went further to say that there actually would be no need for them to do so because by election time, the duo would be spending time in a cell at the Hague.
His balls were not done yet. They swore that Uhuru and Ruto would never be on the ballot papers come election time.
When all that crashed, his balls declared that UhuRuto had zero chance against an enigma and giant of Kenyan politics, Mr. Amollo Otinga.

Once his balls blew the final hot air, he smashed his comp and threw juvenile tantrums about how Uhuru would never be his balls’ president!

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Now you feel how others feel about the other balls a.k.a Mutahi Nugu Ngunyi?

Hiii thread naiangaria na ndurumeni.:cool:…Naona nikiing’oa.
Its in bad taste.


:D:D:D Hehehehe…nangoja kuona!



and to cap it all he was found to have lied to have a professor sacked from his job; the lying Dean

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I dislike the FAKE accent and the WeIrD look he wears when talking.

in conclusion his balls are just full of gas

Ni yeye huyu hapo @ 01:43 akisena haraka na accent ya SA?


he has his head where the sun never shines and what je calls a crystal ball is last night’s mothokoi