Heri Isaac Hassan

I saw it was a blunder for Jubilee to allow opposition disband the Hassan commission. They were never going to allow any results regardless of who was in charge. Hassan’s commission was more organized and nobody could harrass them in court. Actually, if they remained, the maina kiai case would not sail through. Now here we are because of some sabotage by the staff of the commission

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Mr oxford, please give us space. Can we merge all the threads by you lamenting after the petition? It’s a request.


take it easy men, am speaking myself out


You’re so critical to change, did you expect every thing to go your way? Get a life


Siukajitetee kwa debe? huwezi ngoja sixty days ziishe?

foko jembe

achana na oxford, ako tu sawa kabisa. We will lament in as many threads as possible.


The bile…

Warria ali resign

I agree with u totally. Uhuru and his team were so lenient and allowed RAO to have his way, little did they know that RAO has tyranny of numbers in judiciary.
It’s a bed that Jubilee made and they must lie on it!

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