Here she is

The Dallas, Texas police officer who killed a black guy inside his apartment. I don’t like judging people by their looks, but this is one creepy-looking female! I can’t wait for her toxicology results to come out and prove me wrong, but she does look high.


Anakaa she uses those battery powder ya methamphetamine, you see the eyebags are puffy and black?

Another thing I noticed: I didn’t hear african American brothers protesting loss of a black brother, maybe because he isn’t one of their kind juu the deceased is from island?

This will be an interesting case. Marehemu trespassed into her flat. What if the black guy’s toxicology proves he was on something too. Then they will play the poor helpless woman card.

Check your facts. Who trespassed into whose apartment?

@bouss what are you talking about? She is the one who trespassed into his flat then killed him. It doesn’t matter what he had taken- he was inside his apartment. I really can’t understand how it escalated from her entering into his house (from some unconfirmed sources, he apparently had a ‘bright’ rug by the door) to her pulling her gun, and pulling the trigger. There is much more and only SHE knows.

Please look for the thread Breathing While Black…


You already passed judgement before even reading the story.

This will be dismissed as domestict affair with improbable cause(read:jilted lover),she gets a slap on the wrist for shooting a man for the fact that she was not ‘herself’,a mandatory three year probation,blah blah blah…its murica baby:cool::cool::cool:

Nothing a little makeup can’t cover…

They protested.

Pole wasee…thought it was the other way around.