Here’s what you need to know

If you were at the Handy Variety convenience store in Watertown, Mass., and picked 6, 7, 16, 23 and 26, with a Powerball number of 4, congratulations. $758.7 million is all you need to know.

you’re also among those drooling over the powerball mega jackpot? naskia the odds of winning it is 1 to 259 million; just next to no way in hell ! lakini tujaribu bahati; ata Abisai ni kuangukia aliangukia !

I’ve never bought a lottery ticket in my life, but the lottery industry is big business.

Hizo nilikataa kununua. A guy at seven eleven used to incite me to buy. But kuna jamaa who used to get them but come tax return time anapigwa mijeledi na serekali mbaya