Herbivore Men Phenomenon

according to @Ebru newspaper cutting… Thank you very much…and I quote

" If the decline in male porn actors continues…insiders blame the conudrum on a growing social trend known as HERBIVORE MEN: those who shun sex and traditional masculine values in favour of a quite uncompetitive lifestyle…"men have become weaker, less macho…less proactive about sex…I’ve been in this biz for 27 years and you can see the increase in herbivore men. Men aren’t hungry anymore,they’ve lost their desire…everying is on a plate for them…they don’t get excited…they just click on the Internet on it.

AHEM…All I can say is WORD

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So gangster!

‘’‘‘Men aren’t hungry anymore,they’ve lost their desire…everying is on a plate for them’’‘’’

In other words women have become to lose and tooooo cheap.thus the lost desire in being the hunter coz their is nothing to fucking kill

hehe why hunt when there is plenty of food being thrown at you? the killer instinct dies off naturally

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I’m old school like that #hiphopisdead

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kwanza these ùber sensitive “boys” whose “feelings” get “hurt” and they sulk for weeks…puhlease…since when did men start showing emotions…oh dear go to the gym and work out a sweat…or better still…drink a beer…a real Guinness pshhhhh,…start a fight and get your ass kicked good


chida iko kwa rent. tangu warembo wa attach a commercial value to the pinkspace majamaa are shying off. they simply can’t afford it in these hard times. salamu ya palmela na kurara…


Msalame grace Ushawai pigwa punyeto

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Money is king nowadays. Forget running after women and pretending to be most macho. You spend when you want to get laid alafu dont attach yourself too much. Otherwise utaachwa hapo na kimbaba kina kitambi na Range ukidoea.

If you are the kind of a woman who takes men through pain just to have them know your name, they are others willing to shout theirs loud.


@Davidee umesikia hiyo maneno??!!

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Too much loosely thrown pussy has diminished our interest. We enjoyed the chase, not being chased by desperadoes!

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and why do we have so many single pretty women around…kitambo ulikuwa unarusha malaini unaambiwa ‘i have a boyfi’ wat tha f#@k happened…

Boys you are getting off topic…if you read the article well…it’s about the lack of men who can act in a well paying porn flick…fucking pretty women and getting paid for it…but there are no takers kabisa because Herbivore men wanaogopa

I like being chased because the end justifies the means. Hao wanaume wanataka kukimbiza hiyo ni yao.
On the other hand, i dont like the idea of being watched while fuckin. I dont think it’s fun.

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Nonsense…this is not the age of the cave man…what you’re describing here is a cave man who will hit u with a club and drag you to his cave…were in a different age where you choose your diet.

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unless am being watched by a chic…in a threesome yaani

And to make it worse the chic shows up in your crib in a blouse that threatens to spill out the contents, a tiny skirt with no panties on, what excitement is left if everything is delivered on a platter. Ata dogi ukiipea mifupa mingi inalose interest.

Men have to be chased after now a days because partnership has become a punishment to them. Sasa juu unakimbizwa na dame unafikiria anakuletea nini?? Ama unafikiria nini anaona??

“Mwenyewe, post: 48533, member: 319”]unless am being watched by a chic…in a threesome yaani

Exactly…being watched by a participant in a match am involved in

Maybe your real physicalè men were wiped out by AIDS in the 90s and those who remained are more likely to be more tentative. Especially about entering places where unajua among those who have entered are some whose appendages later shrivelled up and died. Or starting a dumb fight to die or get maimed when in smarter, calmer cultures like Japan, people are living till 98 years old.

Kwa nini urukaruke na ukitulia utaona 2090? Chill the phuck out and play it small. Na blue pill pia iko so hadi ukiwa 101 na una pesa, tu18 year olds unaDF tu. Back then fighting and being the baddest made sense.