Her dad was a honorable men.


I stopped at “cooked every day”. Huyo ni mwanaume bwege. I can occasionally help out in some dishes like grilling meat or baking bread but don’t make it to be my daily duty.

Its important to raise strong women for our future kenya the best way is to teach our daughters by example how a man should treat women starting from the house by treating your wife right and spoiling your daughters ju kama hauta mnunulia nyama choma na kumpeleka out utampata na wababa riika yako aki spoiliwa

This mulatto hoed her cunt to a mubaba and now she has a kid with him. Alienda court claiming 200k child support akapewa 30k :smiley: endelea kusimp utatombewa kama sossion alafu your daughter will be impregnated by mgtow bros kama @Karoga who will then hole up in embobut forest. Utamlelea mtoto akifanya umalaya riveroad ama SJ. Endelea kuspoil:D


How does one even take seriously advice like this from a guy who calls himself “BaldCoomer”? The irony…wueh!! :D:D

"That’s what a man is"

Coming out of a woman renders the whole statement, thread, sentiment, assumption ; irrelevant and useless.

Strong women? :D:D
That whore saying all that was rolling around with a mubaba buana? Now all what her dad was doing went down the drain all of it. He treated her mother right, spoiled them bought them nyama choma and took them out and she still chose to roll out with a mubaba. Huezi elewa wanawake. You can be doing everything but its not enought for her. Reason for a little bit.

Brutus, too, is an honourable man.

Wee mbwa pewa crate mbili za guiness baridi utumie Enigma till number

Uliwacha fombe boss?

Yes sir,niliacha.Lakini bado nabaia mabeste na watu wenye wana heshimu Enigma.

So are they all, all honorable men.

Huyu kunguru walisumbuana na Nelson Havi sana. She’s rude and mouthy


Nelson Havi is also rude, mouthy, uncouth and has a soprano.

Naona it’s that time of the month. Tulia dada. The mulatto bitch you’re defending holds very offensive attitude/beliefs towards black people. Just go scroll through her Twitter account.

…we shall never see his like again, and now his watch is ended.

You seemingly are illiterate. Did you see me mentioning her anywhere? Ata sahii sijamtaja. But to remove any doubt from your illiterate self I will reiterate for emphasis, Nelson Havi is also rude, mouthy, uncouth and has a soprano.

who cares what women think