Hi people

Where does one get packaging paper bags which can be branded to make own product?

Let’s say I want to package 500g and 1kg products? Where do I get clear papers for this?


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They are everywhere. Try anywhere there are many mama mbogas, there must be one who is selling to the rest.

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thanks. Never heard of it.
Let me check it out

Hehe didn’t mean like those for mbogas and tomatoes.
As Okiya says, Mafuco website looks like what I was looking for

For plastics, try General Plastics
For cartons, try EAPI
For polythene, try Ramco

Ukikosa, tembea industrial area and ask around.


Hehe, hata wewe unataka kuimport sugar from Uganda


Hawa wahindi wa ramco must be billionaires. They are all over- sealhoney,Lino Stationers, ASL, Kentainers, ramco printing etc

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Ni bidii yao bro

also SAI ltd

What are you packaging?

Pia dodhia packaging Ltd. They actually mint money

Hii nimekatta. Dodhia si yao

Ramco Court, ile estate iko mombasa Rd (Bellevue), ni yao pia?

I meant pia dodhia too are making alot of cash

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[ATTACH=full]11975[/ATTACH] While at it and I don’t mean to dilute @trish post,who knows where I can get this type of seal. Am planning to go into some bottling business [ATTACH=full]11975[/ATTACH]

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These big firms are usually very inflexible and will often penalize you for ordering small quantities. It would be better if, for a start, you sought out the services of a small-time firm where the proprietor is visible. I am sure there are a number of them around, but you may have to inquire from people selling products whose packaging match your requirements. You may also check out the contact below from OLX

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When you call, say you saw the ad on OLX

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Second Generation?

Sijui about seal but the material for making the bottle source it from Saudi Arabia if you want best prices.